About Us

Coffee is now the highest traded commodity in the world after oil…and can you believe it is the 2nd most consumed liquid on the planet next to water?  Coffee IS a lifestyle choice!  We believe living in the Hawaiian Islands out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is as well!  Two handfulls of coffee


And thus is our story:  We are two sisters that have an unsurpassable passion and knowledge for the world of coffee and a desire to bring that passion to others the same way we have found it in our travels all over the world.  Several years ago we both decided it was time to live the way we drink our coffee…like leaning back on that porch swing, with a deep breath, a smile and the warmth of sun rolling over our skin from head to toe as the flavor lingers on and on.  So we moved to Hawaii.

We came with the goal of being a part of the only coffee being grown and harvested in the United States of America.  (We won’t lie, we’re so very happy that is taking place in Hawaii rather than Pittsburg).  We live on the island of Maui and we work with a master roaster that has perfected his craft after 35 years of roasting single origin and blended coffee beans.  Coffee quality begins with the farm, but the art of roasting is what we believe truly creates your coffee experience.  Timing, temperature, equipment and cooling…each of these intricately detailed performance methods is what determine a ‘tolerable’ roast and flavor from an exquisite roast of perfection.  We then pride ourselves on freshness and therefore package and ship our roast immediately, recommending a 10-day shelf life and a perfect grind of whole beans for each cup you bring to your lips.

Office coffee break

We just do not believe in ‘tolerable’ coffee or stale coffee.  Life is too short for ‘tolerable’ and anything that you consume daily (or more than water like we do) should lift you up and make you soar every time you experience it.

If you could have that one moment in your day to close your eyes, forget everything around you, feel the warmth of sun on your face, and not only taste the flavor of Ecstasy (one of our favorites), but also feel it for a few moments every day…  Now that, IS a lifestyle choice that we are so happy to help you indulge in!